Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sleepy time.

Maggie is asleep now. Has been for three hours now. She hasn't been feeling well since yesterday. Running a little fever. I think it's just her teeth coming in. I gave her Tylenol and she is just getting a good rest. I hope we can go to the park later, as I promised we would go today weather permitting. After raining all night until about noon it is finally nice outside. I hope she wakes up soon as I am actually bored and I feel like making homemade chocolate pudding which is not good because I will probably destroy the kitchen with cocoa powder and sugar everywhere. I used to know a homemade chocolate pudding recipe from high school and now I no longer remember it. I know it takes a 1/3 cup cornstarch and some sugar, milk, and bakers chocolate. Thats it. Should of written it down.

We drove up to the outlet mall just across the border in Wisconsin, just south of Kenosha. We got Maggie some cute stuff from Carter's. I picked out a hoodie for the fall and some finger puppets. In some store called OOPS (I've never heard of it) I saw a really cool light up princess castle. If Maggie was just a year older or so I would of bought in a heartbeat. I also saw some stainless steel cookware that I really want (I do most of the cooking, the wife is the baker), but the wife said no :(. Oh well maybe for my birthday.

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