Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Swim Time!

Maggie and I went swimming yesterday. I was running my errands around town and got a text from Maggie's aunt asking us to go swimming. I thought that would be a lot of fun. So we put off the errands and headed on over to my brother and sister in law's. The pool was a little cool but we had a great time. Maggie seems to love the water, splashing and kicking a lot. I hope she loves the water as much as I do. I feel very natural in the water (Damn I need to do some diving! Been too long). Shouldn't be a problem now that I got someone to swim with. This pic is actually from sat as I forgot my camera yesterday. We will probably go swimming again on Sunday.

We also tried a new teething thing. It's called a self feeder. What your supposed to do is put a piece frozen fruit in it. It has got a net like thing and the baby will just sucks on it. Maggie loves it. The pic is of her with the teether thing last night. She wouldn't let it go! Glad we got that thing.

We were discussing the new diapers that we would be ordering soon. We might be looking in to these new Bum Genius V4.0. Check them out here . We've ordered from this site before and they are great. We have some of the older ones (I'm not sure about model number, talk to the wife on that one) and they work great. I would actually like to use nothing but these. But it will be a slow upgrade. We'll get there.

Well it's time to put Maggie to bed. Daddy has got to go read her a story.

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