Friday, July 30, 2010

Home sweet home

We had a great time down state this week. I now know it takes an extra two hours drive time now. We had to make several stops both times to feed and change Maggie. One of us also had to sit in back with her to keep her from fussing. I guess she got lonely back there by herself. She didn't sleep very well in the car either. Heat does not work well with babies. Wore her out. We went to the county fair and Grants Farm in one day and it was a little too much for her.

I had to run out and get another self feeder thing because we forgot to bring them ( I also learned that you bring a lot of stuff for such a little person), and her teeth are really bothering her. I had to go to three stores but I found one. This one is a different than the other ones. Called Sassey. We like this one a lot better, because it has a piece that keeps it cold and the netting is removable.

We also went out to eat a few times and we ordered Maggie applesauce a couple times and it was weird (in a good way) ordering for another person. She did very well sitting in the high chair and eating. She is such a easy baby.

The cats have been driving us nuts since we got back last night. Luke is helping me write this as we speak. Gonna have to bribe them with wet food to keep them away from us.

We just got back from library and Whole Foods. I had to return a museum pass late and I didn't have enough cash on me to pay late fee and I noticed the Brookfield Zoo pass was in for the first time I've ever seen. So I raced over to the store and back and some one beat me too it! Oh well we will keep trying. I got Maggie's food for the next two weeks or so. I will be making it all weekend. New this week is Mangoes. I also got her some little snack things that are pretty good for daddies too, at least I liked them. they were a little big so I would eat half and give her the other half.

We stopped at the park on the way home and played on the swing for a while. She sure does love that swing. I also let her reach and touch the water that comes out of the sprinklers there. She had this look on her face that said "what the heck is that daddy".

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