Saturday, July 31, 2010


So it's just me and Maggie home on a Saturday night. Part of being a parent. I don't mind. She out ranks me so I've gotten used to being home when I'd rather be out. Heck I haven't played golf since May. The wife is at her friends birthday party. We went for a bit but it was time for Maggie to go to sleep. So far so good. I'm glad the wife is out tonight, she needs it. She works way to hard.

Maggie and I had a great day. She love rolling around on the blanket. She's rolling over both ways so that's how she moves around. She hasn't started crawling yet but it's coming soon. Maggie is starting to figure it out. She will roll on her tummy and lift her head up and kick her legs, hasn't figured out how to move with those kicking legs. She can scoot a little and today she manage to scoot to the edge of carpet and blanket and licked to floor. Yuck. I put a quick stop to that. So I decided to get on the floor and play with a bit, and she managed to get one of those stacking rings around her foot. She is funny with her feet, she feels everything with them, does any one else's babies do this I wonder? Then we practiced sitting up for a while, she is getting so good at it.

The pic is from when I ran to Home Depot to get some charcoal and wood chips. I tightened the strap down but she is doing a pretty good job staying up, granted she is holding on with both hands. I'd also have to say it's gotten a lot easier taking her places, even though it still takes extra time to prep her and stuff. When my wife first went back to work I hardly left the house. It was still the cold as heck out side, but when got above forty (which happens around April here in Chicago) we would go on a walk, and go to the park. Hardly in the car. Now we just go.

Well I've just poured my self a well deserved beer. Might even step outside and have a cigar.

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