Thursday, July 15, 2010

A quiet day, but...

Another day in daddy land. Pretty quiet all day except the giant tree branch that fell on my car parked across street. Already called a bunch of people including the City of Chicago, who I've been told is the owner of the tree. It will only take 3 months before before I hear anything from them.

Maggie slept a lot today, which is good because the last couple of days she hasn't napped well at all. She even woke up a hour after she went to bed last night crying (this has been a rare occurrence, we have been blessed), we think because of teething pain. We gave her some Tylenol and she went to sleep a little later. She even went to sleep when I put her in crib while I was in shower after she just got up from a nap. She's on her 3rd nap today.

We all went to Whole Foods yesterday and bought some food for Maggie. We got her peaches, apples, avocado, and some squash. Already made the peaches last night and she had them for lunch today. We also got some oatmeal cereal (which we found at later that it's cheaper at Target) and teething biscuits. I'm gonna make the apples tonight. I enjoy making her food a lot and it tastes pretty good.

We also got Maggie some sippy cups. This kid is growing up way too fast. She will be seven months next week. Now back to work, gotta make dinner.

The pic is of Maggie falling asleep while eating her lunch.

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