Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fifteen Months

Maggie is now fifteen months old. I know I keep saying it but time does fly. She is slowly growing up while I slowly get more gray hairs. She had a first today. Today was the first time she ever threw up. She's had spit up before, but never throw up. The wife was holding her and all of a sudden up came dinner. I ran and got towels and the wife got it all over. Maggie got a little freaked out by it. She was screaming for a good while. Ten minutes later she was back to normal.

Maggie is standing by herself every now and again. She will sit down when she realizes she is not holding on to anything. She walks really well while holding only one hand. She learns something new every day. I can't wait until she starts talking more.

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  1. Uh oh...hopefully the throwing up was an isolated event! We just got over a WEEK of Rotavirus...that has to be the single worst thing I've ever experienced, and I went through 15 hours of labor and an unplanned c-section. I'd gladly go through that everyday rather than another bout of the sickies that just coursed through our house! Hopefully she's doing much, much better!

    A is 15 months on the 28th and isn't saying much either, so don't fret! Soon they'll be chatterboxes!