Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Kids Are Alright

I have to say being a father of more than one child is pretty damn cool. It is def cool to talk about your kids. When I'm at work I have to say which kid is which now. "Oh my oldest does this" and "My oldest is 22mos now." I do enjoy talking about my kids and I also enjoy showing pictures to anyone who wants to see them. The kids are always doing something new and I feel I should tell everyone!

I enjoy taking pictures of the both of them also, but alas our camera is broken. I think we will wait until Black Friday to get a new camera. We got the camera we have now on Black Friday for a very good deal. I think I will be flying solo this year though. One thing I learned from last year is don't even bother to go to Toys R Us on Thanksgiving. Just. Don't. Do it. Sears will be on my list of stores to stop by for some tools. We also live up the street from a Home Depot. Guess who will be getting some good deals from there?

Sometimes, I feel like I gotta get away. Having kids is stressful. But the good times are more than the bad and I wouldn't give up my kids for anything. I could use a vacation. Somewhere in the Rockies in January or Cancun in February. Screw it, how about both. It would probably be Cancun though as the wife does not ski.  Wait, on second thought I choose Jamaica. Red Stripes and golf would be perfect. I have a feeling I would have to bring the kids on vacation with me. I would miss them too much.

Well it looks like Lucy and I will be hitting the pool soon. She seems to love the water. Maggie doesn't really like the pool and for a while was not a fan of baths so she was taking showers with one of us. She thought is was the coolest thing to walk under the water. There is an indoor pool near the wife's grandparents and I think Lucy and I will have to partake in the pool activities. I love the water and I feel very natural in the water. I spent a lot of time when I was growing up in the water. I have been to many beaches, almost broke my neck on the north shore on O'ahu body boarding, Grand Cayman, South Padre Island, Oregon (Huge pet peeve, It is not OR  a GONE. As a former Oregonian I hate when people miss pronounce it, and Illinois too for that matter.) all over Florida, and all over of O'ahu. Looks like I will have someone to go to the beach with! The wife is not a big fan of the beach, and since Maggie is pretty much a clone of the wife I have a feeling she will not like the water either.    

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