Monday, October 10, 2011

A New Level

Today was much like yesterday, but with more crying. Not by me, mind you, but by Maggie and Lucy. It is tough when both of them want to be held at the same time. Lucy is getting much better at sleeping on her own. This is a huge relief, because we would constantly have to hold her. Not much you can do when you are holding a baby.

I chickened out of story time. I just wasn't ready and I had a feeling Lucy was gonna want to eat during that time and I was correct. Would of been tough to participate in story time while feeding Lucy (story time has a lot of singing and other stuff going on). So we stayed home and played with Play-doh instead.

Lucy is holding her head up really well by herself. I think she is doing it a little faster than Maggie did. Lucy was trying to lift her head hours after she was born. Sometimes it seems like she is ready to get up and start  walking. They say the second is supposed to walk sooner. I think they might be right on this one.

Maggie likes to help out.

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