Friday, October 14, 2011

Terrible Twos

It would appear that the terrible twos, as they call it when a toddler is two, has begun. Yes Maggie is not quite two, but she is exhibiting some terrible twos type behavior. The wife was changing Maggie's diaper the other day and Maggie kept trying to kick her and laughing when we were trying to scolding her. She thought it was the greatest game in the world. Maggie hasn't done this with me yet, but she has done other thing to me. Maggie likes to hit people. She has smacked me in the face a few time. She is putting a little more time in the time-out chair these days.

Another one of Maggie's issues is that she needs to learn to listen when she is being told not to do something.  I know it will take time. She will eventually learn. She sure knows the word juice, but not the word no. She sure does know how to say no also.

I am amazed on how much Maggie understands. She understands almost everything the wife and I tell her (except no, haha). We ask her what she wants to drink and she will tell us. She is also great at yes or no questions. One question she always answers with a no is that if she is ready for bed.

Lucy is sleeping on her own a lot more. Although today she seems to want to be fed about every five minutes.  She started at 6am and about every hour she would wake and want more milk. When I am feeding her she will eat, stop for a few minutes, and then want more. It has been and endless cycle today. Even as I write this I am feeding her. At least she is sleeping for hours at a time and mostly all through the night.


  1. Mason is guaranteed to say no to bedtime too! He can be going "Ni ni! Ni ni!" and trying to crawl into his crib and if I say "You want to go to bed?! "NO!!!"

    I worry that we haven't seen anything yet....

  2. I'm definitely feeling a bit of the terrible twos as well these days! GOOD LUCK!

  3. Aw, yes. The terrible twos. We have a case of those here as well. I wish I had great advice...but I don't. Good luck!