Sunday, October 9, 2011

I'm a Survivor

Today was the first day with both girls all to myself. It was time for the wife to return to work. No one was ready for this day to come. I certainly was not prepared.

When it was just Maggie and I, it was not too bad most days. We had our little routine down pretty well. Some days were bad for both of us though. I wasn't exactly sure how I would handle both of the girls at the same time, but today honestly was not that bad. Sure I had both of them crying at one time for a bit, but I handled it. It started out a little rough with Lucy waking up at around 6am because she was hungry (none of us are morning people). The wife was pumping, so I heated up a bottle for Lucy and fed her. I thought she would be up for a while, but she slept until 11:30am. Maggie didn't get me up until 9:30. Thank you Maggie for letting me sleep in!! Not too long after breakfast Maggie was at the back window asking me for her shoes. She had decided she wanted to go find mommy. All day Maggie kept calling "Ba!" That is what she calls mommy. She calls me dada, but she will only say 'Ba" for mommy. She laughs when we try to get her to say mommy, and says "Ba".

It seemed like all day I had one of the girls with me at all times. One would start crying so I would pick them up and a little later I would have to switch again. Today was football Sunday, so the TV was on maybe a little too much. Maggie and Lucy helped me root on the 49ers as they kicked those Bucs back to Tampa. Thanks for stopping by. I thought Lucy would scream throughout the entire game, but she ended up sleeping from about five until the wife came home.

Today wasn't a bad start to me watching the girls all day. I hope tomorrow will be more of the same, but I am being told we have to go to story time at the library. Send help! Just me and the girls. Gulp!
Maggie did this all herself to carry her little friend around in. 

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