Friday, October 28, 2011

Five for Friday: Five Foods That Maggie Likes to Eat.

Greetings everyone! Time sure does fly when you have kids. I thought it would move a lot slower due to the lack of sleep. This week is five foods that Maggie likes to eat.

1. Cheese. She loves cheese so much she constantly asks for it and now has learned to open the mini fridge in our kitchen and find the cheese and bring it to mommy or daddy and ask for some (we are planing on gut-rehabbing our kitchen very soon, so we the only full sized fridge we have is in our basement). She always asks for some right at bedtime.

2. Juice box, sure this really isn't a food, but she absolutely loves them and constantly asks for juice. She has gotten a little better and she knows now that she gets one after nap time.

3. Carrots. She loves them so much she will sneak a few every time we open the fridge. This is one food that I don't mind she sneaks all the time. In fact she loves all fruits and vegetables.

4. Cookies. Gee I wonder why, lol.

5. Ice Cream. I love share my ice cream with her and being an only child myself, I don't like sharing. She is also the only one that I share my tomatoes with. They are like crack and I never share. Now that I have a yard there will be plenty of tomatoes grown here. Like I said they are lick crack!

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  1. So cute! Miss Pants will beg for mini tomatoes and even sneak them off of the counter if she can reach! When we go to Trader Joe's she yells "Cheese! Cheese! Cheese!" in the cheese section. These girls have good taste! Sounds like life is good there!