Friday, July 1, 2011

Five for Friday: Five Things I Love About the Fourth of July.

Everyone in Chicago survive that storm last night? I had just walked into Target when it started to hail. Luckily my car was parked under cover.

Here are five things I love about the Fourth of July

1. Great day to BBQ. I do it every year on the Fourth. I usually do a brisket and burgers. This year brisket, ribs, and a grilled whole pineapple for dessert. (I started doing this circa 1998)

2. Friends and family. Every year whomever wants to come over is welcome. I love to have every one over and cook great food. Now that I have a family, it's all about family.

3. Spending the day outdoors. I am usually outside all day long. By the end of the night I am covered in all sorts of stuff.

4. Celebrating our great nations birthday. USA!

5. Fireworks! Since I grew up in a county that banned fireworks, I am making up for lost fireworks. I once bought $40 worth of produce just to blow up. It was worth every penny. The best was the cantaloupe that just disintegrated. Awesome. Fireworks are illegal in Illinois and I obey this law (hehe), but on the fourth the city kinda looks the other way due to that everyone is setting stuff off. It sounds like a war one here. It's awesome.

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