Monday, July 18, 2011

A year later...

It's pink for Maggie. Duh :)

I knew I started this in July of last year, but I couldn't remember the date (which is really odd for me because I am good at remembering dates, I know all my friend's birthdays). Well I just checked and it was July 10, 2010 that I started this blog. As you may have read, a lot has changed in my life as well as in my family's life. I honestly didn't think I would still be doing this a year later. I do enjoying writing this and sharing some of my adventures with everybody. So I'm a week late. Oh well, it wasn't like I've been busy or anything. Thanks for sharing in my adventures.

Who knew that a year ago I would expect another baby and that we would be buying a house. Who knew I would be focusing on school and taking care of Maggie instead of working some job I didn't like. I for one am glad to be back working. I am especially glad to be back in the EMS field. I am already making plans to further expand my EMS career. I will be taking a few EMS classes while the wife is on maternity leave. I also am starting to apply to Paramedic schools, it can be pretty competitive here in Chicago as there are not that many places teaching the course.

A quick update on the house. I received several emails today and it looks like we are still on course to close on the 1st. Both of us cannot wait to move in. We love this apartment, but I really hate waiting on the bathroom!   

Will I still be going at this next year? Odds are very good that I will.


  1. Congrats on all the changes you've made. All good stuff! So you made it to your "Bloggerversary!" Yay! I started mine in April last year and then I too couldn't remember the date and it whooshed right by. That's because we have kids. Duhhh! But I made it a year and I'm going stronger than ever. Hopefully you'll still be blogging next year because really, this is the best memory saver ever!

  2. i agree!!! im glad you made it one year! and hey, now i have my own blog. love you guys!