Monday, July 11, 2011

Tree vs House

My first day of work was a good one. I'm getting pumped to hit the streets again as an EMT. We were filling out paperwork this morning and some thunderstorms blew in. No big deal on the south side where I was at. After lunch I did drive by a tree that had blown over and fell on several cars parked in the street. Kinda reminded me of when the big tree branch fell on my car this time last year in clear weather.

I get out of work and I check my phone I see an email from the Realtor for the house and he tells me that a tree fell on the house this morning during the storms. I ask him how bad it was and he says not that bad and the seller is already on top of it. I had to go and get some stuff done for the new job and I decided to stop by the house to see how bad the damage was. This is what I saw:

So now it looks like we not be able to close on Aug 1 like we had planed. We shall find out more as the week goes on. Good news is we should get a whole new roof out of this.

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  1. did you find out how the house faired with the rain?