Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rock and Roll

Maggie's new obsession is rocks. She can't seem to stay way from them. Small rocks, pebbles and today large rocks the size of softballs (regular ones, not the Chicago size softball). We walked to our favorite frozen custard place today because daddy wanted a milkshake. Mammy was not too happy we went with out her. After we shared the milkshake (I always share with Maggie), I let Maggie walk a bit out of the stroller and she had to stop a and look at every damn rock we ran into. It was kinda funny. I had to put her back into the stroller after she tried to pick up two softball size rocks. She didn't like that very much but she forgot all about it after she found her cell phone and made a few phone calls and chatted for a bit.

We stopped at the Beat Kitchen to talk to a good friend of mine who had a show there tonight. I called him to come outside and he's like come on in. I'm like, I got my kid fool! I would have gone and see his band play tonight but I was stuck at home while the wife was at work.

We went to the park afterward and there was a huge puddle that Maggie couldn't get enough of. She loves to walk through it and then check to make sure it is still water and then run over to me and touch my hand and yell and right back in the water.

Life with a toddler is very different than a baby. You seem so isolated with a baby because they mostly just lay there. Sure you can take them to the park, but you can't do to much with them. I have a lot of fun with Maggie now that she is a toddler. Sure I had fun with her when she was a baby, but now it is just a different type of fun.

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