Friday, June 17, 2011

Five for Friday: Five Things I Want to do this Weekend.

1. Garage sales. A friend of mine's neighborhood is having a huge garage sale with over 50 families selling stuff. Old Star Wars stuff here I come. There is also a guy selling old cigar stuff I really want to take a look at.

2. Getting outdoors. Hopefully the water park we like to take Maggie to is open. We went there last week and it was closed.

3. Hanging with the family.

4. Sleeping in. Won't happen but I can hope for it. I am getting up early to hit the garage sales early.

5. Spending father's day with Maggie. Don't care if I get any presents or go out to eat, I just want to be with my kids (next year I will have two!). I've been told I am getting a present and I think we are going out to eat. Double fun!

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