Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Girl

Here is my girl on the drive back from down state Illinois. It looks as if she is yelling at me, but she is just reading her book. We had a great trip. Lots of Grandma and Grandpa time. I got lots of cigar time in.

Maggie is picking up on so much so fast. I am amazed by how much she changes from week to week. So far this week she is patting herself on the legs for an animal to come to her. It actually worked yesterday on our way back from the park when a neighborhood cat came up to say hello. She has also learned the signs for please and help. She is learning words faster and faster everyday. She is walking better and starting to run a little. She is even starting to throw temper tantrums. She had a good one early today when we were getting her dressed to go to the park and didn't want to wear anything we put out for her. Throwing the clothes on the ground as she saw them, and screaming her head off.

This temper tantrum and other things has brought a new challenge for us. This is how to discipline her. We would like to put her in time out, but she is at the age where she is not going to sit still for any amount of time. So right now we are playing it by ear. If she is doing something wrong we tell her no and try to move her away. My wife used to be a nanny and that has help a great deal, especially with discipline.

The Remote Incident

Today Maggie grabbed the remote while I was fooling with the printer. Usually not a big deal, but I didn't see what she did with it when she was done playing with it. This was about noon. After hours of tearing the house apart and checking places over and over again and me crying on the floor, I finally found it sitting just out of view behind my beautiful forty two inches of high definition viewing pleasure. Of course it was behind the TV. That's where I knew she would put it. This was at 9:30. Just shoot me. Please.

This is Maggie and her boyfriend Gabe. In case your wondering  my wife and her friend has arranged their marriage.  I guess he better behave himself if he wants my blessing. 


  1. he has nothing but love for your daughter!

  2. HA! I took the picture! WUT UP!!!!! >:D ~sidney IN YO FACE!!