Friday, June 17, 2011

What's Happening Now.

A lot has been happening this week. Hence the lack in posts. We are now finally starting to getting back to normal. I think.

On Monday we wanted to go to Ikea to look at their kitchen cabinets because we have to remodel the kitchen in the new house. We wanted to get some ideas for what to do with it. We ended up finding some great ideas for the new kitchen.

We then had to go to the wife's OB doctor appointment because we were running a little behind. It took forever in the office just to get into to see the doctor. We finally get to see the doctor and she wanted the wife to go to the hospital to get some further tests done. Oh boy. The wife went ahead to the hospital while I took Maggie home so she took a nap. We ended up calling my sister-in-law and she came over to watch Maggie so I could go up to the hospital. About an hour after I came up to hospital the decided to admit the wife over night for further observations and tests.

 We had both had contacted our parents to let them know what was going on. The wife's parents ended up coming up to watch Maggie over night so I could stay at the hospital overnight. The wife said she would be fine by herself, but I wasn't about to leave her up at the hospital by herself. I am very glad the in-law's came up to watch Maggie. They were a lifesaver.

Staying overnight at a hospital is never any fun. The only good thing that came out of it was that I got my homework done. We only slept only about 3 hours each. We were both up at at dawn and never got back to sleep. Some more tests were done Tuesday morning and they decided to let my wife go home with no restrictions. Then it took four more hours to let us go home.

I was supposed to go to Indiana to get some holiday supplies. My wife let me go when I got home. A friend of mine came by and we took off to get there before the place closed. Ha! We hit Chicago traffic and had to put off the trip. We ended up going Wednesday and it was a good trip with great supplies for the holiday.

I made the mistake of trying to get my wife a new phone because her's is not working properly. Her parents couldn't even get a hold of her. So we went to the store and picked one out and now she doesn't even want it. She complained about not having enough room to store pictures on her old phone and other things.The new phone has more than enough memory. She is very stubborn about certain things and this is one of them. This is driving me nuts.
While all of this is going on we were dealing with stuff for the new house. Nothing bad, but it is just one more thing to worry about.

I hope the upcoming week is going to be much better.


  1. you could have totally done without supplies! your wife just got out of the hospital! glad she's ok! can't wait to see you guys tomorrow. hey! i have a blog now

  2. Geez that's a crazy week you had! Glad she's home with no restrictions.

    I always find it crazy that people can say they were going to hop over to another state for this or that, I mean I realize they are probably close to the borderline between states, but the thought of driving to Nevada is ridic. That's like 5 hours from here. No way! And I also have a hard time when people are talking about lunch/dinner/good night on twitter and it's still the morning/afternoon/evening for me ... because the world is right here, where I am, right? Again, ridic.

    Happy Father's Day - hope the world revolves around you all weekend long!

  3. hey D! i linked your blog to mine! so glad you guys could make it on saturday.