Saturday, October 30, 2010

No One Said This Would Be Easy

Being a SAHD is not easy. It is even harder going to school full time. I've been doing o.k. juggling the two. I usually have homework, especially on the weekends so I spend a lot of time in front of the computer. I feel a little bad that I don't get to spend a lot of time with Maggie when it is just us. I do spend time with her, just not enough in my mind though.

 I try to get most of my work done when she is taking a nap. Which is now down to one a day now usually 2-3 hours. I am also eating and getting some TV time during this period. My average TV time now is about two hours all day and night. I have a whole lot of movies to watch, some of these I've had for some time now.

I do take breaks, and check on her all the time. I usually have her on her blanket in the living room playing by her self. When she starts to wonder off of it and getting into mischief (which is very often, she is ten months after all), I put her in the pack and play, which is right behind me. We usually have laughing or screaming contests when she is in there. I am constantly turning around and checking on her. I'll pull her out and play with her now and again. Usually she is o.k. in there, but I always set aside some time to play with her during the day. She is never ignored, because after all SHE is the priority and she is still the boss. If she needs me I am always there for her.

A lot of times, I will be in the middle of writing one of my papers, and she needs something. Stinks for me, because I could be in the zone and then BAM she needs something. Like I said, it's not always easy, but I make the most of it and I my daughter always has the priority. I'm doing the best I can, cause as Yoda says, "Do or do not, there is no try".

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  1. I struggle with this as well. I don't even pretend that I'm going to get any homework done during the week. I have two home with me. My daughter will be 4 this month and my son will be 2 in Dec. They'll play by themselves, but it's the jumping on furniture, punching, biting you name it that keeps me from doing homework. During nap time I normally do blog/twitter stuff, as their naps aren't long enough and don't afford me enough time to get involved with homework, so I put homework off until Sat & Sun.