Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hump Day

Wednesday is almost upon us. After a rough Monday and Tuesday, the rest of the week should be much better. Took my anatomy mid-term tonight. I think it went well. I hope it went well.

Maggie and I had a great day today. She was in a good mood and she let me get my paper done. Wife is off tomorrow and working Thursday. I get to take her to playgroup again this week. We are going down state again this weekend to visit my wife's parents. We were thinking of leaving Thursday night, but we may get some rest and leave Friday morning. It is easier on Maggie to leave at night so she can sleep the whole way.

We went pumpkin picking on Friday. We were going to go apple picking, but everyone was out of apples already. There was even a article in the Chicago Tribune about how early everyone ran out of u-pick apples. We had a good time. Except for the 3 hour detour I took us on to find apples. Three orchards and no apples. Got some great pumpkins though.. Even a small one for Maggie. We may pick some apples this weekend. There is a small orchard in Marine IL that is pretty good. Hopefully they have apples.

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