Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Downstate Road Trip and Cloth Diapers.

I feel like I have been neglecting to write. But the truth is, that I have been very busy with school work, and Maggie of course. We went downstate to visit my wife's parents. We decided to leave Friday morning this time, because we both were very busy on Thursday. We wanted to make sure we were well rested before we left. The Drive down went well, and we had a great time as always. The drive back was just as smooth. We left late and Maggie slept the whole way.

I bet everyone is wondering if we bring the cloth diapers with us. The answer is yes we do. It is not as hard as you would think.We usually make sure we wash the majority of them before we leave and we wash them before we come back to Chicago. We have several vinyl bags we bring with us for the dirty diapers. Doesn't even stink up the car. My brother in-law did a good job of that. The only thing that we don't bring along as far as diapers, is wipes. We keep huggies, or some other brand wipes there. At home we use cloth wipes. Which is really Gerber wash clothes (they're cheap!), and a organic diaper solution that we dilute and put into a foaming squirt bottle.  We just wash them with the diapers. No big deal.

If you all are wondering if my attitude towards cloth diapers has changed, it hasn't. I think it has actually gotten stronger. I don't mind them one bit. Maggie never has diaper rashes and she is able to tell me when she is wet.
I think they are great. It is definitely better than taking out the trash every 8 hours or so. If you have every thought about trying them, give it a try. You might like them.

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