Saturday, October 2, 2010

Five for Friday: 5 Random Things

It seems I forgot to do a Five for Friday yesterday. So here it is, better late then never. 5 Random things

1. I spent yesterday re-arranging and dusting my Star Wars collection.

2. I am going to see Primus tonight.

3. School is eating my brain.

4. I really should be studying right now, but I am on the computer up to no good.

5. When I was about 8 I wanted to own my own hotel. I have no reason why for this except that I was in a lot growing up. My mom took my on a lot of vacations.  We once  went to Costa Rica for a weekend at the last minute. Had a great time.

6.*bonus* I once flew to Pittsburgh from Miami and then drove to Foxwoods, played some poker, then on to Boston. slept for 3 hrs. Went to have a lobster lunch. Hit the bars. Went to Fenway at last minute and saw one go over the Green Monster. Awesome trip.


  1. Luv your blog and your daughter is beautiful :) Greetings to all the family!

  2. I used to have a Star Wars collection. I sold it in the mid-nineties to make rent, when I was in college the first time. Oh well.

  3. Melissa- Thanks so much!

    Kevin- Sometimes you gotta do what ya gotta do. I have a little bit of everything, but my favorite thing is the autograph picture of the guy who says "you rebel scum".