Friday, October 29, 2010

Five for Friday:Five Halloween Traditions for Maggie

Five Halloween traditions I will pass on to Maggie:

1. Trick or Treating. Hello! Because it's the bomb yo! I will teach her when someone leaves a bowl full of candy on porch (did they still do this?), and it says to take one, open your bag and daddy will help you empty it into your bag. Also other little tricks that I learned.

2. Pumpkin carving. I still like carving pumpkins. We will be carving ours tomorrow night.

3. Going to the pumpkin patch. I still love to do this. After this years almost disaster (me driving the family around for 3 hours trying to find a u-pick apple place, and everyone was sold out), I got some making up to do next year.

4. Haunted houses. I haven't been to one of these in years. I used to be scared to death of them, but now I need an excuse to go back to one. Maggie may be that excuse.

5. Cool costumes. Price will not be an issue! I always got stuck with cheap ass costumes growing up. Yes Sweetie, you want the $500 princess costume. No problem. Just make sure the costumes don't show any skin!

Maybe I should start a This Date in History since I am a History major and such. On this date in 1929 the stock market crashed. Then something happened.... oh yeah a book was written about it. "The Grapes of Wrath"  I did this for the hell of it, why not. Yes I am losing it.

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