Friday, February 17, 2012

Run to the Hills

Run to the Hills! Maggie is learning to talk more and more. She is starting to use three and four word sentences.  She even grabbed my cell phone and called my mom today. She had a full conversation with her. This was after she talked to me mom for almost an hour on Skype. The wife had both girls out in the back yard playing in the girls play house and Maggie said that the table in the play house was the "sister table."

I was on shift today. By this it was my day to be home with the girls for all thirteen hours the wife is at work. Lucy scream pretty much all day. Tried everything and nothing would work, but me holding her. I didn't get anything done today. Even when I was feeding her dinner she would cry because I wasn't  feeding her fast enough. Another day at the office.

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