Friday, February 3, 2012

Five for Friday: Five Things About Lucy

Lucy just turned six months old last week. She is getting so big. She just got over from having a fever from her six  Here are five things all about Lucy.

1. Lucy love to cuddle with mommy and daddy. She is such a little cuddlier.

2. Tonight will be the first night in a room by herself. We are putting her in what was the office temporarily until she is sleeping well through the night. So far so good tonight.

3. She love to take baths. She splashes all over the place and she seems like she never wants to get out of the tub.

4. Lucy also loves the jumper. She smiles and makes all sorts of happy noises.

5. When the wife came home on Wednesday Lucy reached for her with one arm. I thought it was really cute (yeah I said cute, what of it?) You could tell by the look on face that she just really needed to be held. She really needed her Mommy. That was cool because Maggie really needed her daddy that night.

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