Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Never Say Die!

Never give up, never surrender! Never Say Die!

These are words I live by. I plan telling my girls these words a lot. I believe you should never give up. I didn't give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor (lol).

The good news is we got a new laptop that actually works and isn't slower than molasses on a cold Chicago morning, so plan on seeing more posts and pics on this here blog.

Our Christmas tree is up. It went up a little early this year thanks to the neighbors across the street who keep their tree up all damn year. Maggie saw it before Thanksgiving so we put ours up. I really miss having a real tree. The fake tree is a little bit easier to handle and maintain though. I think I will get a small tree to put up. I miss the smells. Maggie is just like her mother with wanting to decorate everything.

We went swimming last week and Lucy is a natural in the water just like her daddy. She had such a good time jumping in the water and having us pull her while she kicks her feet. I think I will take her to swimming lessons while Maggie is in school.

Tomorrow I get to put the rest of the Christmas lights up in the house. I always enjoy putting up the lights.

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