Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I'm still here.

I'm not going to make excuses. I have been a little busy to be writing posts on here. I think about this blog often. I miss writing on here a few times a week. I enjoy it.

Lets get all caught up-

Maggie is almost four and goes to pre-school a few days a week. She really enjoys it and is getting better at going up the stairs by herself every day. She comes home and can't wait to show us her crafts she made in class. School has been very good for her. She is being more social with other children and it really helps in the potty training. She was potty trained before school started but would still have accidents.

Lucy is two now and really enjoys her time alone while Maggie is at school. She doesn't have her sister stealing her toys. Lucy is a night owl. She loves to sit on the couch with us a few nights a week. She will call us from her bed and say couch. She is good about putting herself back to bed though.

A few months a go we got a little kitten and named her Sadie. She is very good with the girls and they love her a lot. My old cat Luke has been more active with the new cat and has always been great with the girls. Sadie loves to curl up next to girls and is very tolerable to them toddler handling her.

I was working as a paramedic and then the company I was working for pretty much folded and we all lost our jobs. It was too bad because we had a good thing going. Management screwed that place up royally. I'm hanging tough and there is a chance we could be back again in a new form.

We are getting ready for Thanksgiving and will be driving down state to eat with the in-laws. Should be a good time except for getting out of Chicago tomorrow.

Anyway, HAPPY THANKSGIVING every one!

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