Friday, February 22, 2013

It's Been Awhile

Yes it has been a very long time since I have graced this blog with a bunch of typed letters and sentences. I miss doing this a lot. But in an attempt to make excuses (as I am very good at doing) I will try to explain. For the most part the main reason I have not been on here is because our laptop is having issues. It freezes up quite a bit and we really don't use it much anymore until I am able to fix it. Our other computer is in the basement and I don't always get a chance to spend time in my basement. I usually will do things on the laptop upstairs while other things are going on, i.e. the wife is wife is watching some lame ass show.

I actually think about blogging all the time but it is hard to get a way downstairs and blog. I haven't given up. Best advice my mom ever gave me is ''never, never give up.''

Well lets do some catching up shall we?

Maggie is currently potty training. Which is very difficult. There is a lot of drama involved. You want her to sit on potty: tears. You praise her and tell her good job and you are proud of you: tears. Slowly we are getting there. I was really proud of her the other day when I was getting the girls bath ready and she came in carrying the potty bowl (we got her a princess potty thing that sits on floor) and said she went pee pee. I was so proud of her for doing it by herself and gave her a hug. Unfortunately this brought tears. So is stopped and let her watch whatever she wants on the TV. Which brings up another problem.

Maggie watches WAY too much TV. I am against her watching so much but you have this magical box that lights up and keeps them distracted. I dislike how much TV she watches, but it has come to a point that it saves some of our sanity. I can turn on the magic light up box and get some chores done around the house. Although I have withheld and TV and Kindle privileges ( this kid can work the Kindle better than I can) until she sits on potty. Which she has gotten a lot better at.  I love and hate that magic light up box.

Lucy is doing very well. She is our little cuddle bug. She loves to be held. She also likes to tell you how it is. If she doesn't want something she will make you well aware. We call her an angry bird because she squawks all the time when she is mad. Maggie thinks she is the boss. I say thinks because the way I see it Lucy is not gonna put up with Maggie's bossiness what so ever. 

Lucy is getting so big. She is already sleeping with a pillow (this was Maggie's doing, she insisted Lucy have a pillow). I think any day now we will be taking the rail off of the crib to make into a toddle bed. Lucy is already starting to try and climb into her crib.

Stayed tuned, more to come.

For the record I dislike the band Staind. That is all.

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